Turkey trip

Hello guys, it’s Alisa!
How is it going?

Some of you may follow me on Instagram and most of you (our readers) are our family so you all know I went to Turkey in the end of July. It’s been enough time for me to procrastinate and finally to make a video from that trip.

Disclaimer: you are gonna meet my brother, my little sister and my step mother. I don’t know why there’s none of my dad there, although he has been there as well 😀

Actually, the mood of the video does not really show the mood of the vacation, but I love how it looks like. I had different idea for how is it going to look like, but it is as it is now, let’s just call it art 😀

A little bit about the trip:
It was a family vacation. My step mother has been to Turkey before, but the rest of us not. It also was a first ever flight for my little sister. We stayed at the hotel in the town Manavgat, which is situated near a little bit bigger town Side, which is situated right between Antalya and Alanya, if you know the geography of Turkey. We stayed there for 8 days. Our town was pretty boring, so almost evey day we went somewhere and explored the new for all of us culture.

We went to Alanya, Green Canyon, Manavgat waterfall and also some paid excursion which wasn’t really great. My best advice for those who has not been to Turkey is, rent a car, don’t go on organized tours. They are way worse and more expensive. And also people in the hotel won’t give much advices about where to rent a car, as they work closely with travel agencies, so you’d better find out about that on the street.

I hope you’ll like the video, tell me what do you think x

















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  1. The video is unreal, I’ve never been to Turkey, but would love to visit!!

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  2. oh wow this looks great! I’ve also never been to Turkey before so i’ll defo add that to my list 🙂 x

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  3. Thia video is beautifully captured and edited! Turkey looks amazing!!

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  4. Lydia Knox says:

    Turkey looks amazing! I have to go one day.

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  5. lovely video! Watching the waves at the beach is so relaxing and calm
    I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Turkey! Maybe next year 🙂

    Laura x

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    1. kabelsalad says:

      Thank you 😊 You totally should, it was lovely there ❤️


  6. Wonderful photos. I visited Turkey in June of this year, we stayed in a small placed called Side, about 45 minutes from Antalya. It was heaven, and we are already booked up to go again for two weeks next June! 💛


    1. kabelsalad says:

      Thank you! I loved it there too, and that’s where I stayed – in Side 😉

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