Beauty on the go

We traveled via planes, cars, trains and even ships, each of that vehicle saw us wearing full make up and cool (ish) outfits; with awful hair (because I didn’t have time to brush it) and wearing something that looks like pajamas. Once, we had spent 32 hours traveling from one place to another. None of us says that we are experts, however we do have some advises on how to not worry about the way you look during travels.

  1. I don’t want to sound boring, telling everyone the obvious things, but YOU HAVE TO STAY HYDRATED! It doesn’t matter how long your trip is, the most important is to drink water during every single one. For those times when you have to fly from one place to another you’d better drink more. Thanks to the conditioner and constantly changing cabin pressure your skin may feel in need of thick layer of moisturizer, eyes — in need of hydrating eye drops and legs in need of soft socks. But it’s way easier to prevent those uncomfortable feelings with few sips of water. There is a rule I try to always follow — on every flight I have with me at least 0.5 l of water. Also, I try to eat less salty food day before departure, so water in my body wouldn’t stay for that long and wouldn’t make me feel like a baloon.
  2. Another thing I never forget about is clear skin. When the travel takes more than 5 hours, cleaning your skin feels like blessing. This simple process, that doesn’t take a lot of time and effort, not only can save your skin, it actually helps to freshen up and so feel yourself way better. In case, you’re traveling during night, I recommend packing a mini version of cleanser, makeup removing wipes and tissues. All those things don’t take much space but they provide you with what feels like a proper skin care.
  3. I don’t like the feeling of “naked skin”, therefore after cleansing comes face cream. All skin care with many active ingredients I leave at home and bring with me one simple face cream, that can be used a.m. and a.p. Great, when this is favorite skin care, the one, that always works; which I know, won’t make my skin irritated, red, I won’t have new breakouts or third eye; the one with light texture and nice aroma. I don’t throw away every little jar from face creams and other skin care products, instead, I keep them and refill with my favorite one whenever I need, so it won’t take too much space in my travel bag.
  4. LRG__DSC3583
  5. Everything else is make up products, and only essential ones. To make sure I won’t overpack I choose multipurpose products: eye shadow palette that has brown color for eyebrows and light shimmer one to use as a highlighter; rose lipstick that I apply as a blush with my fingertips, concealer, mascara and red lipstick (because I know I am gonna use it and not just travel with it).
  6. Forget full size products — take perfumes testers. You can ask for them at Sephora or any other beauty store. Body cream and shampoo can be easily switched to smaller, travel friendly sizes.

What is your advices on how to look presentable during travels?

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