Death by Chocolate | Mac x Caro Daur

I know we rather label ourselves as travel- and eco-bloggers, but as I said in video about us we don’t want to frame ourselves, that’s why here’s something new!

I was crazy about this listick as soon as it was announced (because i’m a bit obsessed with Caro Daur), therefore I want to share my review of it.

Switzerland trip | video

Check out or latest video from the trip to Switzerland (and France, and Germany)
Again, we talk in there! Okay, it was kinda embarrassing and we talk in Russian, but turn on the subtitles and feel free to watch.


We got into the bus early in the morning, the road took us three hours, and voila, we’re there! Basically, we spent the day just walking on the streets. Firstly, without any specific goal, just absorbing the beauty surrounding us.

Germany trip. Another one/ Германия. Еще раз

We were pretty organized and planned e v e r y t h i n g — how many socks each of us should bring; what to do with bags, we didn’t pay for in WizzAir; which snacks we should buy. I even saved places, where we could eat in Germany. But, as expected, we didn’t plan essential — where we should go and what should we do there. So despite organizing and hiding our bags from airport stuff, our trip was chill.

(S)eries on the road

Все началось с того, что мы с Олей смотрели сериалы по дороге в Будапешт и назад. Поездка автобусом от Вроцлава занимает 10 часов, за это время можно и идиотом стать, если ничем не заниматься.


We were in Germany in the very begging of the summer, and we tried to see, explore and visit every city around. We did travel to Hanover, Hamburg, Bremen and Marienburg Castle.


Неспешно гуляя мы вышли к Сэинт Михаэликирке. Внутри оказалась свадьба, но работники все равно впускали туристов, так что мы решили посидеть и подождать невесту. Я уже представляла, как это волшебно. Я никогда не была на свадьбе какой-либо другой церкви, кроме православной, и почему-то представляла, что все будет как в  американском фильме.