Death by Chocolate | Mac x Caro Daur

I know we rather label ourselves as travel- and eco-bloggers, but as I said in video about us we don’t want to frame ourselves, that’s why here’s something new!

I was crazy about this listick as soon as it was announced (because i’m a bit obsessed with Caro Daur), therefore I want to share my review of it.

Reuse, reduce and recycle | How are we trying to be eco-friendly

Awareness about importance of being eco-friendly didn’t come to me the first time they told us about segregation of garbage at school or the first time I saw a special container for used batteries. I can’t also tell the exact moment when it came, but I’d say I started to think more about it more or less since I started studying in university. People are much more concerned about ecological problems in Poland, than in Ukraine.

Video: about us | talking on camera for the first time

We have filmed our first talking video! We were shy and nervous, but we finally are ready to show it to you. Here we are talking a little bit about ourselves, our goals as bloggers and how we came up with the idea of creating our blog. Hope you’ll like it 🙂